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Defiant Joy.

When I heard these two words spoken together, I got shivers all over. 

I sat bolt upright and said YES. Things began to make sense.

I’ve had a good life. A stable and lovely childhood. A good, wholesome, upbringing. Heck, I could easily spin it that my life was perfect, apart from all the crappy stories I made up.

And yet, if I’m rooted down and able to look back objectively there were some dark holes, some brambles, some pricks and stains. I have to work against the guilt that comes over me when a complaint passes over my well fed, well loved lips.

I’m in the business of getting real, so I’d come clean.

I’m not sure I’d have spent tens of thousands on transformative trainings if I didn’t think I had some profound spiritual wounds to heal. The buckets of tears spilled on my yoga mat are my transformational training street cred.

As one program, course, intensive, coaching session ended I found a new alley to look down and shine light on. I admit that I’ve questioned my ability to heal, forgive, move on, let go. Have I been lulled into a life of accepting a life of being sorta happy and dragging my soul baggage around?

Hell no. And how dull. A solid foot stomp awakens my defiance.  Joy baby, that’s where it’s at!

In the face of challenge, in the arena of growth, in the brambles of pain are you able to cultivate defiant joy? What will it take to stand in the truth of what is occurring and still be a champion for joy?

I frequently use declarations to set me on my path. Growth and change require patience and practice. Set a declaration and see if that adds fuel to your jets.

My declaration:

I boldly defy the lies and stories I tell myself that I am not good enough or that I’m alone. I delight in the imperfection of my life.

I’m here for you if you’d like to work on building your defiance and lighting a spark for your natural joy. 

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