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Welp, I've been busy creating Brand and Deliver, the online branding course that has been a dream of mine for years. I'm so excited watching it come together.

 I will tell you, this is a big stretch goal. I've been thinking, planning, writing, researching, thinking....all the thinking, for a long time. Seeing it actually come together is both exhilarating and puke worthy. All the questions are running me:

will anyone buy it?

will they hate it?

will they love it?

will it be helpful?

can I really pull this off?

Here's what I did to get over all that. I started talking about it. I shared my goals, out loud, with as many people as I could. The more I spoke it, the more real it became. I enrolled the right person to help me. I spent time planning, but not too much time. I scheduled the date to film (yes I moved the date twice...). I hired a stylist to create the setting. And then I just started. I didn't have a script, I didn't have an air tight plan, I just started. It was a surreal moment of trusting that I know enough. It was a moment of surrender.

The course is almost ready! I plan to launch mid/late September. I gave my very best and I had SO much fun doing it.

I want to thank Andi Wardrop - the perfect partner in creating this course. She's patient, smart, insightful, funny, kind, and uber talented. She made me laugh and made space for the course to be the best it can be.

I can't wait for launch! You will all be the first to know when it's live.

In the meantime, what stretch goal makes you want to puke a little? What is it time for you to start talking about? Put it out to the group and watch it materialize!

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