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You are the one. 

Those magical four words were said to me by someone I admire greatly, and, well, it rocked my world. This one simple phrase has all the juicy ingredients of inclusion, honour, being chosen, and even a hint of greatness. 

I have used “I am the one” as a mantra for many years. Given that I value doing things before I’m ready, it’s been a handy tool. For anyone who is working on producing work that matters, it’s more important than ever to believe in yourself. 

In my work with entrepreneurs, I hear so much hesitation, doubt, and concern in their quest to creating a purposeful and profitable business. An entrepreneur’s world is filled with opportunities and obstacles, it can get to be so much that the couch starts to look pretty good.

So how do you stride on? How do you stay brave and productive?

Believe you are the one.

Let’s break it down: 


• a daily spiritual practice

• Use mantras, affirmations, journaling to tune into what’s true

• Surround yourself with good people who support you.

• Don’t let doubt take you down. 


• Take action steps daily

• Create a loving accountability practice to stay on track

• Total responsibility for all that is in your life 

• Own it. You are the boss

• You are the one to choose

You are the one to be amazing, powerful, beautiful, meaningful, on purpose, talented, abundant, delightful, disciplined, resilient, creative. Own it.


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