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Nic knows what it’s like to live a life that is not aligned to a vision, engulfed in fog, unable to see clearly.

Earlier this year, he found himself in a new country and new home, jobless and lost. He struggled through a tug-a-war between his inner voice and the outer noise of the world.

The voices, opinions and shoulds from friends, family and society clouded his vision. Well-meaning helpers urged him to get a job, make a living, and accept reality. Eventually, he began to believe that settling was the responsible thing to do, and so he accepts a job he has no interest in, pushing him deeper into the fog.

Nic believes he has no choice, he defies his internal compass and goes entirely off-path.

To restore himself, he turns to the ocean.

Surfing is Nic’s saving grace. The ocean reminds him to sink into his own skin and listen to his inner voice. It cradles him, guiding him into a meditative state that is fully connected to Mother Nature. Here, he grounds himself in the present moment and remembers his true calling.

“When you are waking up and checking the wind, you're looking outside at the trees, you’re checking [...] to see where the tide is, and starting to connect with the day and the ocean [...] and as you suit up and get ready, you are really starting to disconnect from the outside pressures, or opinions of others, [...] and I’m starting to connect to the inside of me." - Nic

Nic is called to help others connect more deeply with themselves by being with the ocean. Through surf and play, he believes lives can be transformed. In these moments of remembering, he knows what he's meant to do, his purpose is crystal clear.

Yet, there is another hurdle still to break through - the story of his past. Challenges in his childhood and his dyslexia still hold a grip on him. The fear of not doing it right, not knowing how to do it, not being good enough, stop him dead in his tracks.

Nic discovers his true power to be a BRIGHT LIGHT and trusts that this will pull him away from the shoulds, his story, and his fears.

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