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The Power To Be Lucca Petrucci

Season 2, Episode 15


Meet Lucca Petrucci, a goal coach, possibility and marketing strategist, podcaster, indoor cycling instructor and genuine lover of life. 

He also happens to be dipping his toes in film and TV in an acting and hosting capacity - we can’t wait to see what he does! Naturally optimistic and a joy to be around, Lucca is a friend to anyone and everyone that crosses his path. 

As this week’s guest, Lucca shares what is guiding him in his work and life and how he is supporting others in living their best life possible. He stays curious and asks himself and others three key questions - What are you passionate about? What does the soul of the world need right now? What can I do in this life? 

Infusing fun into the process, Lucca guides people to see what is possible for them. Often called a momentum driver, he pushes them to open up and do the things they really want to in this precious lifetime. 

He speaks about leading by example, savouring the small moments of each day and how maintaining your childlike wonderment and bliss is the recipe for a happy life. Lucca also touches on the importance of rest, explaining that all of the great leaders in his life take time out to reflect and recharge to ensure they are best serving the people around them - this is a principle Lucca lives by. 

During this jovial conversation, Lucca reminds us that there aren’t one or two directions in life, but many. He believes there is great abundance out there and plenty to go around, and most importantly that possibilities are endless as you turn your dreams into reality. 

Today, Lucca lives in Playa Vista, California where he runs his own business as a Possibility and Marketing Strategist. He helps people turn their big goals, dreams and desires into their reality! 

You can catch him on his podcast, Living in your Passion Place, and in his free time, you might find him at DisneyLand writing in his journal and singing along to a song. We guarantee if you run into him, you’ll be delighted by his infectious joy. 

Join me this week, and learn more about Lucca’s Power to Lead.

About Lucca

Lucca Petrucci wears many life hats that bring him joy. He’s a son. He’s a friend to all. He’s a lover of family, the magic of Disney, dance parties and fun. He’s the host of Living in your Passion Place Podcast and a Podcast Producer. He’s an Indoor Cycling Instructor at CycleBar. 

And, he’s a Possibility and Marketing Strategist. He helps people turn their big goals, dreams and desires into their reality! Whether his clients want to create a coaching business, a podcast or a full time career from their passion project, he supports them in envisioning their goals in a bigger and brighter way that feels the most authentic to them; and then helps them in developing an easeful, fun and strategic pathway to get there. 

Lucca centers his life around his core values of faith, love, fun, possibility and collaboration, and lives by the quote, "What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create."


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