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The Power To Be Jody Edgar

Season 2, Episode 16


Meet Jody Edgar, an empowerer, educator, technician, strategist and extraordinary human. 

“I’ve got a guy”, I’ll say whenever someone has an e-commerce or website they want to build. Jody has been “my guy” for over 10 years. We met when I was a freelance graphic designer and he was a web building and hosting expert. He opened up the first Internet Café in Whistler, BC as a teenager so I knew he had hutzpah! Together we teamed up to help entrepreneurs get out there looking sharp. We’ve worked on many brands and businesses and I’m forever grateful for his way of showing up.

As this week’s guest, Jody shares what it’s been like to start and grow a thriving business during a recession and then a pandemic and what his key factors to success have been. He is clear that people and customers are his number one priority and should be for any business. He believes that developing and maintaining open and supportive relationships is of the utmost importance. 

Jody is passionate about creating a culture that gives people the permission to make mistakes in order to promote growth and innovation. He notes there is a sweet spot for trial and error, and that it’s all part of starting any business. 

Divulging some of his tips and tricks, Jody explains that starting small, knowing your budget, getting clear on your why and sharing your idea with people are the key ingredients to a winning formula. You’ll see that injecting storytelling, passion and fun into the mix also plays a vital role in his business ethos. 

Today, through his company Sunbowl Systems, Jody and his team support business owners through the journey of “I have an idea” to “how do I take it online?”. They help fill gaps on their existing teams, allowing their customers to choose their area of focus, whether it be graphics and content or full scale website development and launch. With a steadfast focus on his people, his customers and his relationships, coupled with a commitment to innovation and fun within e-commerce, Jody is the guy you want to know.

Join me this week, and learn more about Jody’s Power to Lead.  

 About Jody

Jody Edgar is the CEO and founder of Sunbowl Systems, a company that empowers Shopify merchants to reach their e-commerce goals. Building websites since the age of 15—and dreaming up businesses years before then—Jody has always been curiously exploring the internet’s potential, in particular how it might provide opportunities for people and new businesses. Jody’s passion for turning ideas into intricate, successful systems only grew through time and, in 2010, he found his niche working with Shopify. Now, Jody’s vision and 23 years of experience are employed through Sunbowl’s commitment to constantly innovate the systems and processes by which it functions. Whether it’s their Bucky AI, or the one-on-one process that educates small business owners about their e-commerce stores while building them, Jody still feels that rush when the final piece of a system falls into place.


  • If you have a question about a Shopify website, I’ve got a guy! Check out Jody’s (aka JETSE's) YouTube Channel: HowToShopify
  • Sunbowl Systems

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