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The Power To Be Kelly Boudreaux

Season 2, Episode 19


Meet Kelly Boudreaux, a highly-skilled and experienced entrepreneur and the co-owner of three yoga studios, health and well-being coach, facilitator, yogi, and philanthropist. She is also the co-owner of a third generation grocery business. Alongside her loving husband, Kelly has her hands full with their three young boys in their home of Morgan City, Louisiana. What a powerful woman! 

As this week’s guest, Kelly shares what it takes to leap into the unknown at full speed. 

She and her business partner Janae Holmes opened their first yoga studio and in quick succession, their second, third and fourth. Their business thrived from the outset and Kelly attributes much of that to their focus on their vision and mission. 

The studio name, Free To Be Power Yoga, is a nod to what Kelly and her partner envision for their clients. Their belief is that you can bring freedom into your life through yoga. They ensure that the studio embodies aspects of the deep, rich culture and history of New Orleans, including the food! Their focus on bringing people together, the same way you do around a big dinner table, has created an incredibly beautiful community at Free To Be. 

Kelly shares how her deep thinking, trust and grateful approach is all part of what led her to success not only in her yoga studios, but all aspects of her vocation and life. She continues that the arrival of the pandemic drove her to pivot and operate in new ways. Being able to collaborate and lean on her mentors and community helped her continue to move her business forward even in such challenging times. Her ability to adapt and show compassion helped her support her team as they moved through these disruptive times. Above all, she explains that continuously returning to her mission helped her stay grounded and keep going.

During this gentle and insightful conversation, Kelly reminds us of the importance of adaptability and how feeding the possibility and not the problem paves a pathway. She shows us that serving the people right in front of you is the best thing you can do. Through love and respect for one another, together we can move mountains.

Today, you’ll find Kelly at Free To Be Power Yoga in New Orleans, a heated power yoga and wellness brand that has three physical locations and an online studio. Outside the studio, you’ll find Kelly writing and blogging and enjoying outdoor adventures with her three boys and husband. Wherever you catch her, you’ll feel the energy and enthusiasm she puts into her personal mission to support people in being advocates of their whole health.

Join me this week, and learn more about Kelly’s Power to Lead.

About Kelly

Kelly Lind Boudreaux co-owns Free To Be Power Yoga, a heated power yoga and wellness brand that has three physical locations in the New Orleans area and an online studio at FreeToBeEverywhere.com. She is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher with over 1500 hours of training, facilitator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is also co-owner of a third generation business, G&J Land and Marine and GJ Curbside. She lives in Morgan City, Louisiana, her hometown, with her husband and three kiddos (all boys). 

Kelly's passion is to create a rich and grounded experience with her clients, business ventures, and students. Her personal health journey and her first born son's health journey helped her realize there is freedom when we learn how to heal ourselves. Her personal mission is to support people in being advocates of their whole health.


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