Erin Anderson is a Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author. She grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba, a place she credits for her love of art and culture, but when the mountains called, she answered. She moved to Whistler, British Columbia, which is where she now lives with her husband and two kids.

Erin’s passion is helping people connect to their calling so they can live a big life. As the lead brand designer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic bid, she thrived asking hard, critical questions to get to the heart of a company’s story, purpose, and brand. Through her work helping companies and individuals uncover their story and purpose in business and life, she’s become a well-known transformational leader. Always an entrepreneur at heart and a multi-talented spirit, Erin has led treks through the Himalayas, served as an Ambassador for lululemon, owned a yoga studio, and helped many companies get clear on the “why” of their business. Erin has worn many hats, but one thing is always consistent no matter who she’s serving: she always contributes and impacts those around her, enabling huge shifts in their lives.


To connect people to their true calling so they can live fulfilled and make a difference in the world.


We stand for a global community who have the tools and desire to convert fear into faith. People are in the right action in their lives and careers and are able to innovate and create a new way forward with their authentic ability and love.

It’s time to LIVE BIG!

My intention is to create a space for miracles to happen. 

Every day, moment to moment, you are creating your legacy. You are choosing how you’ll be known and how you’ll be remembered. We have a tendency to drift, living a life that is not aligned to our purpose, vision, mission and ultimately our dreams are not realized.

We often operate on autopilot, sitting on a mountain of potential that we don’t even know is there. We settle for average. 

You are certain there is something more. Mediocrity isn’t for you. You know that it doesn’t have to be this way

You work hard, professionally and personally, in fact, sometimes you work too hard. You feel like you are in a constant state of over-efforting and end up feeling drained and discouraged. 

You are searching for support, resources and tools for transformation.

You are searching for community.

You know the lone wolf approach isn’t working.

Unlocking your potential requires thought, attention, time, commitment, collaboration and energy. It’s big work and it creates big results. 

I am here to help.

I am obsessed with helping you get clear and recognize your personal power through group coaching programs and one-on-one coaching.

For 20+ years, I have worked with big and small business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, high-achievers, change-makers, parents and students. I offer the expertise (and the chops) to support you and your ever-expanding life.

We, as human beings, deceive ourselves from our own desires and who we really are. Coaching is what helps you stay accountable to the very thing that you most desire and live powerfully. It’s time to shift, clarify and re-imagine your life. Together we will look deep within, uncover your truest, most authentic self and create new possibilities for your future.

This is big work and it’s not meant to be done alone. We are better together. If you are ready to dig deep and get real, let’s connect. The time is NOW.

Email me today at erin@livebigco.com and we can explore what working together looks like.