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Hi, I’m Erin. As the founder of Live Big Co., my mission is to support entrepreneurs in their natural greatness and give them the tools they need to make a big impact on the world.

Everyone has a brand. And every really good branding process starts with heart. Together, we’ll get to the heart of your message and Live Big Co. will amplify that beat.

By defining your unique purpose and values, we’ll build a powerful, effective brand story that gets attention.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you are wanting to make a bigger impact where you currently work, or your company wants to build a stronger brand and culture, I will give you the clarity and tools to be extraordinary.


I value authenticity, ease, and simplicity. I love to create brands that are clear, simple to use and leave your customer feeling valued. My mission is for people to have the same experience with your brand as they do when they meet you or experience your service or product.

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