You have a story. You have values. You have a style. You have a passion. Combine these with a product and bam, you’ve got a brand.

A clearly articulated brand is the megaphone to attract the perfect audience for your product or serivce. I work closely with you to discover what’s most important to you and to discover what it’s time for. Together we will define your rockin’ brand.


Do you have a dream to launch a business that matters to the world? Have an idea that you want to create and sell? Do you envision a clear and beautiful brand that represents the most authentic you?

If so, I'm here for you. 

Live Big Co. offers a blend of brand coaching and creative design. I spend the time getting to know you, what's lighting you up, what's in your way and help you get clear. 

• Name your brand

• Declare a vision for you and your business

• Create a unique brand positioning statement 

• Discover your target market and how to stay focused

• Remind you that your unique offering is important and needed

• Articulate your voice (communication style) 

Your brand speaks for you, I ensure it speaks from the heart and is directed toward your vision.

If you are ready to get real, curious, willing to dig deep then we're a match. 


Graphic design works when the essential foundation of a clear brand is established. Without a brand graphic design is pretty colours and a cool font and a lot of hope that it will make an impact. No amount of fancy illustrations or cool designs will work for you if the message is not clear. 

I offer graphic design services only to those who have undergone the brand clarity work first. 


What's next is a free discovery call to get related and find out how I can best serve you. Get ready, you will receive value in this 30 minutes! This isn't your typical sales call ;)


I'm excited to work with you! Book a discovery call to find out how I can help bring your business goals to life.