here's my story

I’m Erin Anderson, a brand coach, facilitator and designer with a passion for transformational leadership. I work with entrepreneurs to help them get clarity for themselves, their brand and organization. 

This wasn't something I went to school for. 

I was raised to believe that education is available in all forms; through travel, volunteering, heartbreak, sports, tragedies, and successes. 

I'm grateful for my parents' mindset since I sucked at school.

What I was good at were relationships. I knew from an early age that I absolutely loved digging in with people, hearing their stories, asking questions, understanding them fully. I loved it. But since there wasn't a major in this at university, I left early and headed west to the mountains. 

Whistler BC has been my home since my messy twenties. I bootstrapped my way into a fulfilling career as a graphic designer. I hunted down the best mentor I could find and I stuck with her for 17 years. I became the most well-rounded designer I could be - refining the skills of project and account management while executing designs that converted sales.   

After giving birth to my second child, I found myself drooling on the couch not knowing how to get up. Knowing that I needed something to get me out of a deep postpartum funk, I accidentally found Baptiste Yoga. Their home page video showed people connecting, crying, sweating and trust-falling. I was hooked. 

I packed my bags, emptied out the coffers and went to a week-long training in Mexico. Yes, 15 hour days for a week with non-stop sweating and chaturangas was just the kind of reboot I needed!

Since that fateful week in 2009 I haven’t stopped training with Baron Baptiste and my life has been forever changed as a result. I opened the doors to White Gold Yoga, a studio in my home as a passion project. That passion project turned into a thriving business that I ran for 8 years. 

My yoga journey has been the best education I could have. I learned how to find my center, the power of my voice, and the essence of contribution. 

Since 2009 I have received my 500 hour certified yoga teacher certificate, and am a Lightyear Leadership Coach. I weave these skills with my years of account managing and graphic design in my work at Live Big Co. 

Today I remember why I started this, to help people connect with their truest purpose and to sing their song. The most powerful feeling is to be a contribution to the world while putting out great work that matters.

This is what Live Big means to me. I'd love to get to know what Live Big means to you! 



Brand & Design: Creating a strong and clear position in the marketplace.

Communication: Words create our world. The effective use of words in a brand is wildly important in order to create ease and flow in your business and life!  

Culture: Developing a cohesive team of individuals who know themselves and how they can create the best outcomes for the business possible.



Established in a career: You have a job with an organization and are mildly fulfilled, yet you know there is something missing. You have more to offer and aren't sure how you can stand out and move ahead.

Business owners: You have a business and have been working hard to move it forward, yet you can't figure out how to clearly communicate what you do or authentically tell your brand's story. You need help remembering why you started. 

Business start-up! You're ready to create your brand new business! And you're full of passion and motivation, yet you struggle with positioning in the market and clear language that converts. 


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