My home office in Whistler BC is adjacent to my Yoga Studio, White Gold Yoga. I’m a graphic designer and brand consulant with a passion for yoga and transformational leadership.

My Journey

I got here by leaping when intuition hit. I made some bold decisions along the way, I quit university, moved to the mountains, fell in love, left a 17 year graphic design career, had some kids, became a yogi, went to Kenya.

And in the immensity of theses choices, I found so many treasures. Inspiration seemed to be coming fast and furious. Along with it, some pretty damn inspiring people. One in particular who allowed me to return to Graphic Design, my first love.


What I'm Up To

So here I am, letting you know that I’ve had a pretty awesome ride. I’m ready to share all I’ve discovered along the way with you.

I’ve learned so much from the harmony of nature, of a powerful OM, from a breath. Through my training as a Certified Bapiste Yoga Teacher and as a Certified igolu Leader I’ve gained some potent skills to be able to connect people to what they are in harmony with. I sing the song of LIVE BIG, and most of all BE YOU.

My specialty is harmonizing your brand with what’s most unique and special about you. You have a unique song to sing, let’s get you the digital tools to be clearly heard!

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