Your Pursuit of Purpose is an inside job. Taking on the quest to discover your essence is the adventure of a lifetime. 

The Pursuit of Purpose retreat is designed to help you move stuck energy, expand your perceptions, and harness the power of owning your authentic purpose.

We will use the tools of yoga, meditation and breathwork to clear your body and mind and allow for a new level of clarity to emerge. The facilitated sessions will guide you to a deeper understanding of your purpose and ways to act upon it. Leave knowing where your power comes from and what ways you can make the biggest contribution to the world.

A weekend retreat facilitated by Coach and Teacher Erin Anderson co-hosted by Videographer and storyteller Andi Wardrop and Founder of Camp Yoga, Chesley Long. 

Know where you want to go and what you want to leave behind.



Join Coach and Yoga Teacher Erin Anderson for three days immersed in self-study, yoga, and meditation. These are some of her favourite things and are amplified when we do them together.

Erin will facilitate your pursuit of purpose through workshops designed to give you joyful insight and practical tools to enhance your life. She will also be guiding you through daily yoga practices, meditation and breathwork to clear stuck energy.



Andi Wardrop, film-maker, story-teller, brand amplifier will be co-hosting the retreat. Andi brings storytelling and an ability to look through the lens of hope. Andi understands grief and what it takes to navigate loss. She created a documentary on this subject as a way to foster hope in the world. 

Erin and Andi have collaborated on many great projects, this is an act of pure love.





Chesley, the founder of Camp Yoga, brings a unique perspective on Purpose. He is in the trenches living his Dharma. Chesley's grit, perseverance, and big-heartedness have launched him into a life bigger than he ever imagined. His impact is undeniable. His energy is palpable. His attention to detail and the ability to pull off big events is nothing short of miraculous. You'll hear his story and what he's committed to bringing into the world. You will learn so much about living a purposeful life from this incredible human. 



Bodega Ridge Resort, Galiano Island, BC  

Check out this incredible location and facility:

Located on Galiano Island, off the coast of Vancouver British Columbia. 

Galiano Island is a gem on the sunniest and wildest of BC's Southern Gulf Islands, and Bodega Ridge makes the most of its natural charms.

The resort is seven self-contained log cabins and lodge on 22 beautiful acres of rural countryside at the island's quiet north end. Nestled at the base of the famous Bodega Ridge, the property offers magnificent views of Trincomali channel, the surrounding Gulf Islands and the Vancouver Island Mountains.

The famous Bodega Ridge trail is at your doorstep and the views are well worth the hike. Or put your feet up and enjoy it all from your cabin's private deck.

Each cozy cabin is 3 private bedrooms. 



The closest international Airport is Vancouver BC. Galiano is a direct ferry ride from the Tswassen Ferry Terminal. We recommend reserving your ferry with BC Ferries. If you'd like more information on how to get to Bodega Ridge, please reach out to Chesley our logistics master:




November 22 - 24, 2019

The program begins on Friday at 6 pm and wraps on Sunday at 12 pm.


Cost includes accommodation, food, all classes and coaching sessions.
Does not include travel. 

Early Bird Special $995 before November 1st, 2019

$1100 after November 1st.