Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Managers ready to RISE

The times are calling for leadership, not someone else's, yours. 

This program is about supporting business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to return to themselves so they can positively impact their team and business while aligning with their correct vision. 

This program provides clear tools to navigate the extraordinary times we are faced with. Times of big change provide an opportunity to shift perspective and begin to operate on a new and expanded level. 

The time of the lone wolf is over. Join a group of like minded people, curious about how to help themselves and the people in their lives. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  - African Proverb


Program Benefits:

  • Creating organizational stability in unstable times
  • Being in collaborative action for the greater good
  • Focussed, clear and bold action vs shouting into the wind
  • Getting tools that are everlasting 
  • Integrated intentions with actions
  • Harness the power of choice  



The program is based on FOUR PRINCIPLES:

Restore yourself 

  • Shift from reaction to powerful response 
  • Clear the saboteur mindset, restore your true voice  
  • What is fear creating you to be and how can you remember who you are
  • Resistance and attachment is coming up, name it to clear it
  • Create your support system, you’re not alone
  • What do YOU need to do, how do you restore yourself? 
Collaborate to be Great
  • The collaborative way
  • Speak straight
  • Listen generously
  • Being for each other
  • Honouring commitments
  • Acknowledge and appreciate 
Be on a Mission 
  • What would your future self thank you for?
  • What is your purpose? 
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your mission?
  • Declaring your mission
Rise to the Occasion
  • How can you continue to Rise to the Occasion
  • You are a leader for a reason
  • You have their listening 
  • Action can be small, and it can be big
  • There are forks in the road, choose one, you can’t go wrong
  • What are your next best steps 
  • You are the one you've been waiting for



  • Intensive four-session program 
  • Group sessions held on Zoom for 90 minutes on Monday's and Thursday's
  • Live coaching and support like you've never experienced
  • A thriving community to share ideas and be held accountable



Fall 2020 program dates are:

  • Monday, November 16
  • Thursday, November 19
  • Monday, November 23
  • Thursday, November 26

Zoom sessions take place from 8:00am to 9:30am PST 

If you are not able to attend a Zoom session, it will be recorded and available to view at your convenience.


Investment  |  $285


Who's guiding the process?

 Erin Anderson, Founder of Live Big Co., Coach + Consultant

Business Coach, designer, facilitator, and writer. Erin has been working with entrepreneurs for 18 years, helping them get clear on their vision and bringing it to life. 

She has a skill for helping you understand what's at the heart of your purpose and how to clearly communicate that to the world. Erin weaves personal development and self-leadership skills with branding expertise into her work with you.