Working with Erin this past year has been life changing. Her integrated approach to coaching resonated with me because of her ability to help me break free from long standing beliefs while also giving me the tools to succeed in moving forward in various aspects of my life. The community Erin has formed and connections I’ve made through her group programs such as Intention to Action or The Integrated Coach have been invaluable. Through our individual sessions I’ve made leaps and bounds in both my personal and professional goals. Erin is a one-of-a-kind and I feel so lucky for what she has helped me unlock. Dana Tomiczek, Director, Strategy & Innovation at invōk brand


I've been working with Erin for more than a decade now. She is my number one support. I've attended and created many programs with Erin and she is THE BEST at making intentional workshops and courses come to life. It was a no-brainer for me to take her Level 1 of the Integrated Coach Training. Even in this zoom-fatigued world, I was excited to show up to every call and do the work. Erin keeps me engaged and motivated and my peers and I stayed engaged in the material easily in between calls. I left Level One feeling clear, ready and capable and have since started a successful coaching business of my own. Karla Joy Treadway, Integrated Life Coach, Educator, Creator and Yoga Teacher at karlajoytreadway.com


I started working with Erin a year ago and looking back, it’s hard to believe how little time has passed. My life has changed drastically for the better. After 16 years, I’ve changed my career and started running my own business. I feel connected to my passion and my purpose. I’ve moved towns and I am living in a place I’ve always wanted to live. Many of the desires I’ve had for my life have come true. Erin helped me realize my true potential and find the courage to move forward and achieve my dreams. She is the guide I was looking for a very long time. Erin is a force of nature who has both deep knowledge, incredible coaching and raw talent that brought out my true potential. Enrico Morganti, Coaching + Hospitality Consulting at enricomorganti.com


I've been lucky enough to have worked with Erin in both group and individual coaching sessions. I remember being blown away by our very first conversation on the phone—this wasn't even for me, but part of an "interview" for a colleague's coaching program. The way she listened, truly listened and got what I was going for, even if I hadn't quite articulated it perfectly was amazing. Over the course of working together, I never cease to be amazed by her ability to ask good and tough questions—to get to the heart of the matter and really uncover what lies beneath. She won't go easy on you, in a good way! I think the biggest thing that Erin has helped with for me has been clarity. When there are times that I have been stuck in a pattern or loop, her ability to ask the right questions and help me see something from a different perspective is so illuminating. I always feel inspired and hopeful after a conversation with Erin. I am grateful for our conversations, our friendship and the tools she has empowered me with to harness my superpower of connection. Daniela Marquez, Vice President of Product & Growth at Lovingly


Working with Erin has been like experiencing the best version of myself through someone else. Many times I have shown up to a session feeling full of doubt and like I messed up or believing that I was lost. When that has happened I have always left the call feeling hopeful, confident and very seen and acknowledged. Erin has a gift for inspiring someone about themself, for seeing and believing in what's possible for you especially when you can't see it for yourself. Erin also has a sharp strategic mind, the times I have shown up and had a concrete business problem with staff or marketing or vision she has been right there to guide me to look at things with fresh eyes, to generate new possibilities and even to challenge me when I needed it. Natalie St. Hilare, Somatic Healer and Owner of Yoga Nova Studio


Just finished MADE2LEAD immersion. Seven amazing ladies. Everyone in tears at the end. Such powerful content and they cannot wait to sign up for what’s next. Have four of them booked with calls next week to chat options. And they can’t wait to tell everyone about the program. This is it.....this is the magic and connection of creating alignment and letting the work speak for itself. Right here right now is exactly where I have wanted to land since launching the biz 2017. And you Erin,  have been a big part of creating this. Gina Ward, Facilitation, Coaching and Yoga at Shift2Lead



Working with Erin in the Intention to Action program helped me build new skills to access deeper emotional truths and awareness of myself. These skills are the real deal—they are perpetually relevant strategies for growth that evolve along with me and inform the way I connect compassionately with others and my authentic self. Marc Cameron, Executive Communications Manager, Deloitte Canada


I first met Erin during the Brand Camp intensive weekend she led in Houston earlier this year. To say it was a game changer would be an understatement. That weekend really helped me get clear on who I am, who I serve, and what my purpose is as I moved towards opening my own private practice. But what's even better is that after participating in Brand Camp I was given the opportunity to join Erin's Intention to Action Mentor Group - and BAM, the real magic started to happen. This has been the perfect place for me to take what I learned from Brand Camp and turn it into my reality. Since participating in this group I have launched my website, started my practice, started filling my schedule with my ideal client, AND found an incredibly inspiring group to help motivate me and hold me accountable. If you are going to do one thing for you and your business this year - make it this! Erin is the real deal. Lindsay Pearce, counselling women through the transition to parenthood at Lindsay Pearce Counselling


I just want to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and helped us with. We have gotten SO many amazing compliments on our social and website about branding. And not that it’s just cohesive pretty imaging but that our intention is what is truly being shown. So I just wanted to say thanks because we couldn’t have done it without you. It was so worth working with you and I truly wish more people took the time to do what you did with us. Erin Cummings, Owner and Instructor at YES Yoga


Erin is consistently and persistently asking the right questions, digging deep, and then when it feels like it’s been uncovered she digs just an inch deeper. That’s where the magic Is. In the places other coaches, facilitators, yoga teachers, brand coaches don’t go. It’s those questions that make you feel heard. She believes in clarity .. and when you work with her you understand the passion behind the word. When you feel clear about who you are and who your business is for everything else falls into place. Working with Erin has given my work and my life purpose - clarity - and intention. Andi Wardrop, Cinematography + Film Editing at andiwardrop.com


Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say that the videos were a cornerstone to our success at our summit this year, which by the way is the most important culture creating event of our company's history to date. They were met with rave reviews, and they made the impact on our team that we were hoping for. So. BOOM! Hats off to you and Andi. I'm so pleased. WATCH THE VIDEO or learn more about Founders Group of Food Companies. Derek Senft, Managing Director, Tricor Pacific Capital