A training to unlock your authentic contribution as a coach 


To all the healers, light workers, coaches and potential builders, you're ready to answer the call. 

You’ve been sensing, feeling and hearing your calling. It comes from deep within you...

You're being called to fully embrace and embody all that you are.

You're being called to step up to a nurturing and transformative leadership role. 

You're being called to share your authentic contribution into the world.

You're being called to coach people into a better life. 


A training to unlock your potential to serve and lead

The Integrated Coach Program is:

→ A transformative and robust 100 hour training

→ Principles and tools to develop and strengthen your self-awareness so you can lead others confidently. 

→ Support in developing and clarifying your brand and business so you can connect with those you most want to serve.

→ Guidance as you create your unique content, develop your principles and tools, and launch the business or project of your dreams.

→ Best practices to develop yourself as a coach. 


a program so complete it will blow your mind

This program will provide you with principles and tools to develop and strengthen your self-awareness, identify who you serve and why you serve them.

It will support you in defining your brand and business. You'll develop a clear vision and mission and curate a set of your own unique teachings, concepts, principles and tools. Logistics can be a bottleneck, we'll advise on how to structure your services and pricing, as well as managing client relationships and collecting payments. 

Soon, it will be time to develop total confidence in your area of expertise. You know what to coach, now it’s time to learn how to coach. Together, we’ll work through the practical side of coaching. You’ll learn common challenges and how to pivot to achieve the best results for your clients. You’ll even learn how to tee up a coaching call, and how to wrap it up. 

The program is delivered through three pillars, and each pillar includes 30+ hours of training and development:

→ Self: Know Yourself

→ Business: Own Your Business

→ Practice: Hone Your Method

An Integrated Coach is one that combines all three of these pillars into a successful and thriving business. A business founded on their purpose, that doesn’t feel like work, but of service and contribution. An Integrated Coach knows their work is about the transformation of their clients.


The program also included two hands-on components: Project + Practicum


What is the thing that will propel you forward? The thing you've been dying to launch? Are you stuck in procrastination, doubt or fear?

Over the duration of the program (three months), you’ll define, design, deliver or launch the project that you've been dreaming of. And you'll learn the principles and tools required to do it and restore yourself along the way.

Participants in program are choosing to launch their website or program, write a book, open an online store and much more. Only you know the right project, and if you don't, we'll help you.

This is the chance to put yourself in the container of accountability and actually get done the thing you've been wanting to get done.



The practicum is about applying your skills through 1:1 or group coaching. At this point in the program, you’ll be clear and confident in who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you do it and who you do it for. Now’s the time to put the rubber to the road and get real-life experience. You’ll be invited to submit up to 3 hours of recorded coaching calls for review and feedback. 

Note: The Practicum can be completed with new or existing clients, or your buddy in the program. It is not mandatory that you submit call recordings for review and feedback, but highly recommended. 


Who's it for?

This program is perfect for you if you'd like to launch a coaching practice or program. You may have completed a Coach or Health Coach Training Program, Yoga Teacher Training, are a therapist, manager or leader of people and are ready to integrate all your learning. This training weaves together your natural gifts, your purpose and your education and experience so you can create a thriving business and practice.


Your Facilitator?

Lead Facilitator: Erin Anderson 
To learn more about Erin, click HERE.

Guest Facilitators: A diverse group of experts from the areas of leadership developmentenergy healing, breathwork, meditation and logistics will lead micro-workshops throughout the program. Scroll down to meet a few.



Guest Facilitator: Daniel McCall

Learn more at www.danielmccall.net 

Daniel has been helping people start amazing projects and finish strong since 2006.
He is a coach and consultant for solo entrepreneurs and small team businesses, and a Certified Senior [Lightyear Leadership] Coach.

Daniel is a polymath that lives at the intersection of productivity and creativity and helps people bring their projects to life and get them unstuck when things go wonky.


Guest Facilitator: Parker Pearson-Maurer

Leadership Development Program Manager at lululemon athletica

Bio coming soon.








What's Included?

  • 100 hours of training and development
  • 1:1 Coaching and Support with your Lead Facilitator: Erin Anderson
  • Email Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Reading + Listening List 
  • Embodied Practices: including, but not limited to Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation


The Integrated Coach launches on January 22, 2021 and runs over six weekend intensives.

  • Fridays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST
  • Saturdays from 9:30am to 3:30pm PST
  • Sundays from 9:30am to 3:30pm PST

Six, weekend intensives:

  • January 22 to 24
  • February 5 to 7
  • February 19 to 21
  • March 5 to 7
  • March 12 to 14
  • April 9 to 11
  • Practicum starts March 15
  • Optional group support calls: March 24 and April 7 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm PST

All sessions take place on Zoom. Weekend intensives will include ample breaks and opportunities to move. You will require a quiet place to fully engage, free from distraction.

If you can’t make a session, everything is recorded and you’ll be accountable to watch it and catch up.


$2,800 + HST CAD

Payment plans available.

Deposit required 


Application Process

If you are interested in registering for The Integrated Coach, please email integratedcoach@livebigco.com, and we will send through the Application Form and schedule an Alignment Call with Erin.

Due to the limited number of spaces available in this program, and the depth of commitment, a conversation with Live Big Co. is required before registration.