You’ve been sensing, feeling and hearing your calling. It comes from deep within you...

You're being called to fully embrace and embody all that you are.

You have a sense that you have a natural talent or desire to help people. 

You're being called from within to step into a nurturing and transformative leadership role at work, in your family or community. 

You're being called to share your authentic contribution into the world.

And you're not sure where to start. You may have looked into life coaching schools and felt overwhelmed by the significant investment of time and money. You may be concerned by what these schools are teaching and will they help you get clear on what the coaching industry is really like. 

I created this training for you.

This is an opportunity to dive into a personal development program that teaches coaching from the inside out. You'll discover more about yourself, your innate gifts and your ability to clearly communicate and create than ever before. 



You are considering becoming a coach but you may not be fully ready yet to commit to creating a business or to take a full coaching program. The financial and time commitments are bigger than your sense of certainty so hesitation sets in. 

There are no other programs like this, there is no other program that is designed to be a discovery lab for you. 

The Integrated Coach Program starts with YOU

→ A transformative training that helps you clarify your purpose.

→ Principles and tools to develop and strengthen your self-awareness so you can lead others confidently. 

→ Support in developing and clarifying your brand and business so you can connect with those you most want to serve.

→ Guidance as you create your unique content, develop your principles and tools, and launch the business or project of your dreams.

→ Best practices to develop yourself as a leader, coach and creator. 



This program will provide you with principles and tools to develop and strengthen your self-awareness, identify your strengths and hone powerful communication skills.

You will deeply connect with your purpose and voice.

Experience coaching in a way that inspires you. Coaching is about helping people move forward in their lives, it's about helping them dissolve the blocks that are on their path. You'll develop confidence as you curate a set of teachings, concepts, principles and tools to effectively coach people into a greater sense of clarity. 


"ICT 1 was revolutionary in my life and my business.  I've been through a lot of different trainings and never before had a coach teach so many powerful coaching tools, so much insight and so much space to use them in developing my coaching business, one that aligns with my core values, beliefs and innate magic.  

Erin understands that the interpretation and implementation of this training looks different for everyone and having her celebrate that along with me gave me even more faith to move forward in the creation of my life and my coaching business.  
This training is a game changer, because of Erin, because of the community, because of the tools, and directly resulted in gaining my first client, feeling confident in what I'm building and enjoying the ride as I move forward with glitter and gusto!

Integrated Coach Training Graduate, Lauren Burke, Integrated Life Coach



Who's it for?

This program is perfect for you if you'd like to launch a successful coaching practice or program. You may have completed a Coach or Health Coach Training Program, Yoga Teacher Training, are a Therapist, Manager or Leader of people and are ready to integrate all your learnings. This training weaves together your natural gifts, your purpose and your education and experience so you can create a thriving business and practice as a bespoke coach. 


Your Facilitator

Lead Facilitator: Erin Anderson

Integrated Business and Life Coach, designer, facilitator, and writer, Erin has been working with entrepreneurs for 18 years, helping them get clear on their vision and how to bring it to life.

She has a skill for helping you understand what's at the heart of your purpose and how to clearly communicate that to the world. Erin combines her warmth and love of people with her clear intuition to help people live the  life they were meant to live. To learn more about Erin, click HERE.  


What's Included

  • Training and development modules live with Erin Anderson via Zoom
  • Short form training and development modules offered through video so you can watch as often as you'd like
  • 2 one on one coaching sessions with Erin Anderson
  • Email support throughout the program as needed
  • Practices and principles in Positive Psychology and Spiritual Psychology provided to support your coaching practice
  • Private Facebook Group


The Integrated Coach program Level 1 dates TBA 

All sessions take place on Zoom. The weekend intensive will include ample breaks and opportunities to move. You will require a quiet place to fully engage, free from distraction.

If you can’t make a session, everything is recorded and you’ll be accountable to watch it and catch up.


We are now accepting applications for the winter 2023 cohort of the Integrated Coach Training Level 1. To apply, please email erin@livebigco.com to set up a connection call. 


Upon completion of the ICT Level 1 Program, you will be eligible to continue developing your prosperous coaching practice in Level 2 of the training. Click here to learn more: Level 2 Integrated Coach Training. Coaches who have completed both Level 1 and 2 can continue onto Coach Mastery, a 9 month program dedicated to taking their prosperous coach practice to the next level.