The Upgrade is a membership based community to restore yourself and rise to the occasion of your big life. It's a platform for you to discover your mastery, self-love and success in the world. Together, we’ll support, heal and grow through weekly group coaching calls, along with principles, tools, resources and recommendations. 

Take the Upgrade

Self-work is tough stuff. It requires continued check-in’s, strength, courage, connection and every once in a while, a love shout. The Upgrade will guide you home, back to your true self so you can express yourself fully and confidently.

As you move through your life, you get glitchy, you shift from spirit to ego, you accidentally absorb fears from others and society, you forget your values and your why. Sometimes, you entirely lose sight of your purpose, mission and vision. 

The Upgrade will host a weekly group coaching call that will support you in re-alignment and integration on all levels. It will help you ditch the glitch so you can operate from your spirit. 

This community is the place you will turn to restore yourself. Think of it like your weekly yoga class, coffee date or painting class. It’s like that, but for your soul. And every time you get on the call, connect with a community member or put a tool into practice you’ll experience an upgrade. That upgrade helps you navigate your next steps, guided by your coach Erin Anderson. 



All the Details:

  • Summer Program: 12-sessions 
  • 1 group coaching call a week for 75 mins on Zoom
  • An exclusive members only community to connect, share ideas and be held accountable 
  • Access to exclusive Live Big Co. principles and tools
  • Additional resources recommendations (i.e. book, talks, podcasts, etc.)


Summer 2020: Tuesday, June 16th to Tuesday, September 1

Group Coaching Calls: Every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:15pm PST on Zoom

If you cannot make the call, a recording will be posted to the members area



The Investment

All Access Pass $265 (one-time fee)

Includes: weekly group coaching calls, Live Big Co. principles and tools, additional resources and recommendations (i.e. book, talks, podcasts, etc.)

The Upgrade will shift to a membership based subscription platform in Fall 2020.

This community is currently being offered to existing members of the Live Big Co. community. This means you've worked with Live Big Co. already through one-on-one coaching sessions, a group coaching program, workshop, retreat or talk series.

If you are interested in joining, please email 


Is this Empowerment Community right for me?

If you know what it takes to do big self work that requires curiosity, engagement and a desire to grow, then this community is the right place for you.


The Magic of the Unknown

There is no way you’ll know what will come each week, we are constantly in the unknown and the magic is on the other side of it. The insights and the ah-ha’s are the things that give you the fuel to keep going. They will come and they won’t be expected. They are the divine surprises the universe will deliver you when you are open to them. It is through this community that you'll experience those bouts of magic regularly.