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Brand & Deliver Program

Brand & Deliver Program

$389.00 Booyah!


After years of working with clients who have come to me with the worthy goal of creating a brand and business that matters, I've developed this course based on the work we've done together. 

This course will clear you up to be committed - to be productive, make more money, have a sense of pride, fulfillment, achievement, and ownership. I believe you can create your own job, one you love, one that matters.

When you are true to yourself you'll rest your head on your pillow knowing you’ve done a good job.

The work of branding is not about getting all the answers, it’s about asking the right questions. 

Branding is a big topic. Deep and wide. It can feel overwhelming at times. You know you want to stand out, be distinct from the pack, but you’re not sure how.

This course has been carefully created to walk you through the process to create a brand for your business or to develop a personal brand.


This course is for the multi-talented passionate one wanting to make a difference in the world. It is for those with many skills and a passion to contribute. This course is for you if you are starting out in your business and want to know which direction to take, or if you have an existing business and brand and know it's time for an update.  

Having a personal brand is more important than ever. You may also be working for a large company and want to stand out. This course will help you communicate who you are, what you stand for and what your unique strengths are to make sure the right people are hearing your message.


> What is branding?
> Who are you? How the story of your life creates an authentic resumé
> How to narrow down and communicate clearly what you do best
> Create a vision for your life and business
> Set goals that help you keep your eye on the prize
> Know who you serve
> Discover how to put yourself out there with ease


>  11 videos between 3 - 8 minutes introducing each concept
>  Downloadable worksheets including:

    • journalling prompts
    • activities to provide essential clarity
    • the framework to create your very own brand statement!