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Custom Brand + Website Design

Custom Brand + Website Design

$3,900.00 Booyah!

A milestone is defined as "an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development." Your milestone will be unique to you, your project and what you are up to. The promise of this milestone purchase is that you will experience a measurable change in your business or project. You will have the tools you need to live big and make a tremendous impact on the world.

Starter Milestone

• I want to hear your story! Our discovery / coaching calls will uncover what your brand is all about. I value all aspects of your life as a big contribution to your business. A holistic approach to brand development is important to this potent process. 

• Name your brand (if needed). I will guide you through a process to discover the perfect name for your business.

• Brand mark. Your logo will be developed as a response to what you value.

• Brand storyboard. A visual style storyboard with colours, fonts, photography and marks

• Photography shot list. A great photo speaks a thousand words. And styled correctly, people will get your vibe.

• Website design. Your website is your megaphone to the world. Design of 2 - 3 pages ready to be sent to a website developer. I recommend www.sunbowl.ca 

This process can take up to 6 - 8 weeks. Price is based on $130 per hour. Should the scope of work expand beyond this a new estimate will be sent. 


Expand Your Brand Milestone

Together we'll set a path forward to expand your brand which can include:

• website and current collateral assessment
• Where are you now and where do you want to go discovery. 4 - 5 coaching calls 
• Establish strong brand values and mission statement 

• Email and text support for 8 weeks

• Revised designs for your website 

• Content review 

• Art direction for photoshoot or video 

• Social media posts

This process can take up to 6 - 8 weeks. Price is based on $130 per hour. Should the scope of work expand beyond this a new estimate will be sent.