By Erin Anderson 

Ten Tiny Truths are principles learned and lived by the author Erin Anderson, written as a dedication to her mother Gail. Each principle is shared through touching yet relatable stories and coupled with reflective practices for the reader.

These principles provide guidance in times of confusion or doubt. Each one has been taught, learned, and discovered throughout Erin's life. They are not to be treated as rules or something to get right, rather used as river banks that help you flow in the right direction.

These principles will provide you with an opportunity to shift your perspective, access a new belief, and upgrade your life. You have a big life to live and people to contribute to, and this book's purpose is to support you along your journey.




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Erin Anderson is a Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author. She grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba, a place she credits for her love of art and culture, but when the mountains called, she answered. She moved to Whistler, British Columbia, which is where she now lives with her husband and two kids.

Erin’s passion is helping people connect to their calling so they can live a big life. As the lead brand designer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic bid, she thrived asking quality questions to get to the heart of a company’s story, purpose, and brand. Through her work helping companies and individuals uncover their story and purpose in business and life, she’s become a well-known transformational leader globally.

Always an entrepreneur at heart and a multi-talented spirit, Erin has led treks through the Himalayas, served as an Ambassador for lululemon athletica, owned a yoga studio, and helped many companies get clear on the “why” of their business. One thing is always consistent no matter who she’s serving: Erin always contributes and impacts those around her, enabling huge shifts in their lives.


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I am having to slow myself from gobbling it up in one sitting! The inquiry prompts are already bringing me clarity and excitement for what is to come. This gift of a book has already proven to be the right thing at the right time and I am so grateful that you have shared your wisdom (and a piece of your mum) with us. I can already tell that this book will stay within arms reach in my office, with stickies, dog-eared pages, and notes to myself that come as flashes of inspiration. It is good company, indeed. You are quite remarkable.  Thank you. 

- Shannon R. 



Ten Tiny Truths has quickly become a companion for me. The author beautifully weaves together storytelling, principles and practices in a fun and insightful way. The stories are touching and relatable and the principles are easy to understand and integrate into your daily life. 

My personal favourite principle is Perfect is Boring. The author writes "I can't imagine saying, I did only a few things on my bucket list, but I did them perfectly" (pg 57). As a perfectionist, this principle provided me with a massive shift in perspective - it was freeing and opened a door of possibilities. 

I'd bet that all of the principles in this book will open up a new pathway in your life - they certainly did for me. 

The book is also filled with beautiful photos and inspiring quotes. It is a small treasure to keep by your side and return to regularly. It also makes a great gift for your friends and family.

- Kayla F. 



This book is truly like a life/business coach in your corner! Similar to something like "The Four Agreement" you can pick it up, gift it, and come back to it time and time again. The chapter questions are thought provoking & the book is beautifully designed.

It's about a one-hour read so nothing too heavy.

The author has a gracious storytelling style - can't wait for her next book!

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