From Blocked to Brilliant is a meditation and inquiry series created to support your mindfulness and self awareness practice. As an Integrated Life and Business Coach, I am dedicated to helping you clear away energetic blocks and access clarity so that you can live the most fulfilling life possible. 

Each Meditation you do exponentially increases your ability to be present and guides you closer to authentic happiness. Meditation may be simple but it is not easy. It can feel confronting and uncomfortable to sit with yourself for any period of time. Yet even a few moments spent focussing on your breath and being can dramatically change your day even change your life.

To bolster your meditation practice I am offering the 6 Minute Message, a collection of stories, principles and thoughts to pause and reflect on. Accessing new perspectives expands your mind and brings you closer to your innate wisdom. Treat each message as though it were a voice mail I left for you, with love.