power to be podcast

Have you ever noticed how a ray of light, caught by a leaf in the wind dances and shifts? 

Has your heart been fully consumed with love in a moment of embrace?

Have you felt every step on your way into an important meeting? 

These are the moments in between. These are the moments that transform us. Because transformation only ever happens in the now. 

This is the magic of real and true conversations. Truth is felt down to your fingertips and into your bones.

Truth is visceral. 

It is this, that is captured in The Power To Be Film.

There are very few people who have the capability to bring transformation into the visual realm. In fact, there is only one person who has been able to capture the essence of the courage, grace and light that transformation creates. Her name is Andi Wardrop. Andi has added another dimension to the work of helping people get clear and powerful. She embodies inspiration.

It is my hope that you are inspired, moved and touched by the message within The Power to Be Film and Podcast and that you discover your own magic. 

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