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Wealth, oh how I tussle with you.

The truth is, I’ve spent too much time hoping for someone to hand me a big huge crazy good opportunity. One that comes with a big chunk of cash and hardly any work. Like a dream, they come to me and hand over the keys to my financial vision.

I shake my head and realize that’s not going to happen and I get to work. 

The truth is, I don't want to be handed anything. 

I love my work. The moments of flow state I while working with clients are the greatest gift I could ask for. I’m on fire, giving all I’ve got to them, listening and contributing fully. 

During this flow state, I am not thinking about money. I’m providing value. 

No matter how much I’d like to have buckets of cash flow my way, I know this thought is damaging my creativity and wellbeing. 

What works is asking “How can I create value?” 

Creating value creates wealth. 

And my hope is that while we're working on purpose, creating value for others, we redefine what wealth is. Because the opportunity to create value for others is never-ending. You are an abundant resource for good. 

The work of Live Big Co. is to help you focus on exactly where you want to provide value and to who. It's not about looking good, being perfect, having a million followers, it's about the difference YOU make to someone. Yes, even one person. That's living a life on purpose.

Using your skill and passion with clarity of intention and focused action, well that's an abundant, wealthy life in my books.


Leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts on YOUR definition of a wealthy life. 

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