power to be podcast


On this episode, my guest showed up willing to explore how her current life situation has been informed by her past, even when it felt uncomfortable. She was deeply honest and brave. As a young professional and adventure seeker, she was feeling the push and pull between family, "shoulds", and her desire to fully unleash her creative energy. She began to unlock tightly held beliefs that had been passed on from her childhood days.

It is a powerful shift to witness as she realizes her full potential.

"I never thought of myself as having this many possibilities, and once my world started to open, I went oh my god I don't trust my gut of where I want to go, how I want to do this, where I should go, what am I offering, and to this day, I'm still questioning whether I'm in the right place, doing the right thing, because I know I can do more, I just don't know why I can do more."

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