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 The Power To Be Alyson Giuffreda

Season 2, Episode 11


Meet Alyson Giuffreda, a coach, designer, creator and entrepreneur, not to mention her incredible training as a yogi and acupuncturist. She is also a breast implant illness survivor and advocate, and above all, she is a proud and loving mother.

As this week’s guest, Alyson shares about her relationship to pain and how she discovered the power to create good space inside and out. 

She had the perfectly manicured, “instagram-worthy” life and yet, she wasn’t at peace. Instead, she was restless and uncomfortable. Uprooting her life, she and her family moved across the country, only to be confronted by the realities of what she’d been sweeping under the carpet. She went through a transformation, one that is reminiscent of Glennon Doyle’s story in Untamed

Today, through her business, The Space You Keep, Keeps You, she leads others through their pain by relating and connecting to them based on her own personal experiences. Her intention is to create good space physically and mentally. She supports others in releasing the "stuff” that clutters their physical and spiritual space. Her superpower is to fiercely love people, enough to kick their ass and stand by their side as they step into their good space.

Join me this week, and learn more about Alyson's Power to Lead. 

About Alyson

Alyson Giuffreda is a multidisciplinary creative who’s work spans designing, healing, and vibrant living. Whether she is designing home spaces, providing wellness coaching, teaching yoga, or combining beautiful flavours in the kitchen, Alyson is known for her authentic, passionate, intuitive style of creating. Across her endeavours, she is fuelled by her belief that simple, intentional practices and thoughtful design transforms internal and external surroundings into healing, energetically balanced, and beautiful spaces to thrive.

Alyson began her career working in luxury fashion and design for companies like Jimmy Choo, Nordstrom, and St. John. After many years, Alyson’s interest in whole health led her to obtain a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Alyson spent many years running a successful acupuncture practice. Then, a move across the country inspired her to begin a hot yoga practice which then lead her to become a 1200 hour Baptiste Institute Certified, Hot Power Yoga instructor. She opened GoodWolf Power Yoga in 2015 and successfully sold it in 2019. After Alyson sold her studio, her interest in design peaked again and Alyson began to take on interior design projects. In 2020 Alyson created The Space You Keep, Keeps You a destination for creating beautiful, balanced, and vibrant spaces within yourself and your surroundings.

Join her as she combines high end design, coaching, and energetics to create good space everywhere in your life. 


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