Purpose Matters. A free workshop for you.

It's a big word, purpose. It leads us to deep questions about who we are and what we are here to do. 

I believe this is the fundamentally most important question we can ask ourselves. Knowing our purpose is productive, restorative and generative. Having this inside view of ourselves helps us navigate the outside world.

And you have big things to do in this world! Having a navigational tool that is deeply authentic, all your own and fuelled by love is powerful.

Yet this big bright outside world can have you looking in many unhelpful places to discover your true purpose. Does it look like hers? Does is sound like his? Will my job fulfill it? 

What I know to be true is that purpose is an inside job.

And so where better to look than within? 

I created this workshop to provide you with three tools to help with this most important inside job. 

Watch the replay.

This workshop was hosted on Zoom on April 8th, 2021. If you weren't able to make it, or would like to re-visit it, catch the replay here:



About your facilitator Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson is a creator who coaches. Multi-dimensional and entrepreneurial, Erin is a Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author. She grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a place she credits for her love of art and culture, but when the mountains called, she answered. She moved to Whistler, British Columbia, which is where she now lives with her husband and two kids.

Erin’s passion is helping people connect to their calling so they can live a big life. As the lead brand designer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic bid, she thrived asking quality questions to get to the heart of a company’s story, purpose, and brand. Through her work helping companies and individuals uncover their story and purpose in business and life, she’s become a well-known transformational leader globally. 

Always an entrepreneur at heart and a multi-talented spirit, Erin has led treks through the Himalayas, served as an Ambassador for lululemon athletica, owned a yoga studio, and helped many companies get clear on the “why” of their business. One thing is always consistent no matter who she’s serving: Erin always contributes and impacts those around her, enabling huge shifts in their lives.