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My obsession is helping businesses that matter launch into the marketplace. I've been so inspired this year by the many brave hard working people who are willing to step out to the edge. None of them are under the false impression that creating a business out of an idea is an easy task, but all of them felt they HAD to do it.

One such business owner is Nancy Perry. She is a serial entrepreneur with a huge heart. Nancy is driven by a force that seems out of this world, and it just might be. She is a listener, to the messages she receives, to her higher calling, to her deeper purpose. She's made some bold moves, said no a bunch and was clear about what she was ready to say yes to.

To know someone who has a big vision and follows through on it is like being in a big oxygen tank, I just get all light and energized. 

Nancy and I have known each other since we sat in tight quarters at our Baptiste Yoga Teacher Training boot camps in Tulum Mexico in 2009. I was drawn to her hipster vibe and shock of blonde on top of her head. She just had this twinkle in her eye that said "I'm up to something...and it's going to be big." 

In fact, out of our teacher training, Nancy and I both created yoga studios. Mine I carved out of a corner of my house in Whistler BC, her's a massive warehouse of a space in Huston Texas. We both had the tagline "Live Big" and rocked it in our own way. We have been 100% for each other as we dove deep into the passion for elevating people. 

Nancy and I continued our like-minded penchant for personal development when we completed our Lightyear Leadership training with Susanne Conrad. This work has been life changing, for both of us. Once again, we took this work into different avenues. 

I use the brilliant principles of Lightyear Leadership with brand coaching while Nancy has created The New Space Leadership, a community of leaders who are dedicated to supporting you in stepping into whatever the next NEW SPACE is for you! Her vibe is empowering, vibrant, bold and empathetic. 

I was honoured to work closely with Nancy in bringing this business to life. 

Go check them out: www.thenewspaceleadership.com and register for a program. Join them remotely - you can live anywhere to participate in this important work. 

If you are ready to step into a new space, take the leap!

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