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This morning I woke up stupid early. The kind of early that feels just wrong. Yet there was no going back to sleep. My mind was racing like a hummingbird. Get up, go get it.

I went for a walk to process all that was going through my mind.  

Growing up my dad was an owner of a lumber company in Winnipeg Manitoba. He along with his brother ran the business and all its franchises. He traveled to little towns all over the prairies much of my childhood. 

When he was 54 and I had left for university, it seemed like a whole new life opened up for him. He and my mum traveled to Nepal and got hit with a bolt of passion and purpose. Their company Everest Trekking was born and they spent the past 28 years changing people's lives through adventure travel and philanthropic contributions for the people of Nepal.

I watched my parents flourish in a life that they created. I was blessed with this example of total choice and freedom. 

I've spent most my life as an entrepreneur, curating a unique set of skills as a graphic designer, self-leadership coach, yoga studio owner, and parent.

This business of mine, Live Big Co., is my pride and joy. I am combining all my skills and am happy and doing what I love. 

And this mornings heart racing, mind fluttering, antsy feeling had me feeling like there's more. For me...and for you. Yup, I said you.

I have been listening to so many amazing people's stories. Hearing how they are passionate about the most unique things. I am obsessed with helping them get clarity on their business and brand. 

From romance and relationships to caring for cancer patients to opening a unique dentist clinic to creating a video game for adults, I love all of it. What matters is the light in their eyes, the passion in their hearts. 

I don't just love it, I'm obsessed. And I want more. More people lit up about what they are doing. More people willing to burn down the life they have so they can create the life they really want. More people in action doing what they were meant to do! 

The world needs you to do what you were meant to do. 


Doubt your doubts. What you want to do, love to do, are passionate about is the RIGHT THING to do. 

I'm not saying go out and quit your day job. Work hard, save money, learn, study, connect with people - all that - all the time. Live obsessed.

Live obsessed.

Once you have a magnificent obsession you'll wake up stupid early and will be excited to get at it! 

Please reach out to me. I want to hear what you are passionate about. I want to help you make a business out of it. It's time.

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