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When Mary called me with desperation in her voice that she couldn't stand her website anymore and needed a change I salivated. It was game on. 

Mary is the owner of New Hampshire Power Yoga, a vibrant studio delivering Baptiste Power Yoga and changing lives in her community. 

It's rare to get a client who so willingly turns herself over to me with a no holds barred attitude to rebranding. She had an antiquated website platform, a thrown together logo and a website that had been band-aided over the years.

I wondered, if that was the exterior, what was behind the doors to the studio? Mary willingly opened her doors and showed me around. Interior design is not my strength, however, I could see her appetite for change would allow me to design something that she could apply everywhere. 

I got to work. 

She got to work.

Magic happened. 

Step 1: get to know Mary, her values, her story, her purpose, her passion and her mission.

Step 2: articulate the qualities of the brand. Here's what came of our discussions: 

Caring for a lot of different people.

Reaching out for the extra mile.

Give without asking

Feels like home 

Extraordinary connection and inclusive

We value clean packaging / zen look and feel



Functional and clean

Fengshue - awareness of where things are in the space and how the energy flows

Natural environment of New Hampshire, mountains, leaves, nature.



A place to de-stress, come away from the noise and connect on a real level with each other

Provide a framework for people to be happier

Step 3: develop a mood board for look and feel based on the qualities, values, and promise of the brand

Step 4: develop a new website design

(launching soon!)


Step 5: revamp the interior of the studio 




Mary and Bob, it's time to pop the champagne. What an amazing transformation! 

Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear what you think!  

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  • It’s beautiful! Way to go Mary, Bob & Erin!

    Kelly on

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