Clarity Cleanse, the power of the reset

Recently I did a food cleanse.  

I decided that it's a good time to come clean, empty out, and reset. I admit I've never done a cleanse (properly) before, but this one was very manageable and recommended by a Naturopath. The intention of doing this cleanse was to get clarity on what foods are working for me and which ones aren't.

This time of reset got me thinking. 

Why don't we do cleanses for our brand? We clear out closets, purge kitchen drawers, abstain from social media, fast... clearing out is a fairly normal thing to do. And it feels so good, right? 

I'm suggesting a reset for your brand. Take some time to discover what's working and what's not. Here are 5 steps to clearing out to get to the essence of your brand.  

The 5 step Clarity Cleanse:

1. Declare your values. Print them, frame them, have them nearby. 

2. Schedule white space in your calendar every day. Time for NOTHING. You could take a walk in the woods, a bath, a nap.. white space may feel like it's not productive - I beg to differ. Some of my best work has happened on the trails behind my house. 

3. Throw away your to-do list. If there is something to do, do it immediately rather than write it on a list.  Try this for a couple of days.

4. Reflect on what went well and why. Find out what went well this year. Take some time to remember and appreciate your successes and joyful wins. Make sure you note why it went well. You may discover a pattern or a method that was particularly effective.

5. Remember why you started. The intention behind starting your business may have gotten lost in the pile of work. Remember the big idea you had when you began, reconnect with that original intention. Write it down, say it out loud. Write it down again and say it out loud again! 

I hope these steps help you slow down, reset and refresh. 

Now get out there and Live Big!

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