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It’s been a while since I've posted. I don’t take your time lightly and I’m always grateful when you read and send me messages ;) Good content is always my number one intention.

More than anything I want to let you know how inspired I’ve been by you. I had heard it said that 2018 is the year of the turnaround and that’s certainly what I’m seeing out there. You are making bold moves and courageous changes.

I have had my own turn around this year, and oh boy did I ever feel that!

Some of you know that I am a graphic designer who found yoga, who quit graphic design and went all in on yoga. Then the yogi found design again and quit yoga to be the space for all of it.

During my time of deep diving into the yoga world, I found my love for brand and design again through working with Africa Yoga Project and the Baptiste Institute. It was as though my worlds collided and I found that I could contribute in a meaningful way to initiatives that truly matter to the world.

I soon found myself with a thriving coaching, branding and design company with clients who are changing the world. I just knew that this was it, this is the work of my life.                                                  

I had to make a gut-wrenching decision, I knew I had to close my yoga studio of 8 years and go all in on Live Big Co.

The decision didn’t come lightly and was certainly accompanied by buckets of tears. This is what a turnaround feels like.

A wonderful friend, Matt Corker said to me “Erin, your yoga studio has provided an amazing anchor for you, a home base, a place to grow community and thrive. You also want to sail the ocean blue and make an impact on the whole world. So how can you have your anchor AND sail away?” Well, that was it. Up anchor, away I go!

Since I closed the doors to my yoga studio my inbox flooded. Suddenly I experienced the wind at my back with the right clients calling me with the tailor fitted projects just for me.

January was beyond fulfilling with facilitating workshops in Houston and New Orleans. In February I created my new Live Big Co. headquarters! My office is a dream come true. March is chock block full of creative projects as well as a service trip to Nepal for two weeks. There is a whole world of opportunity and rich experiences and I’m ready.


Written in big block letters on the wall are the words REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED. If I look back at why I started as a graphic designer when I was 26, it was because I love people. I loved when words and design came together to generate something powerful. I started because I knew I had something to offer the world, I knew that my hard work and open heart were better than any fancy degree. I knew that being FOR people’s success would matter more than simply punching a clock.  I started because I wanted to be the author of my life, the designer of my destiny.

The year of the turnaround has me look back at why I started and I know for certain it’s all been worth it.

I'd love to hear what your year of the turnaround has in store for you! Send me a comment or note, I always love hearing from you.  

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