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This year was challenging for many of us, and this week’s guest was no exception. Lindsay’s unconditional love, resilience and ability to rise above are an outstanding example of how to weather any of life’s storms.

After moving countries, the primary bread-winner in her family of four, Lindsay lands a job she believes is the one. But the universe has other plans and she loses that job just before the pandemic hits. Panic and worry set in, how was she going to provide for her family?

She took an administrative job, and felt her soul die a little.

But Lindsay is wildly multi-talented and passionate about helping people. She just didn't believe she could make a career out of it. Especially one that's so close to her heart. 

Passion often arises out of trauma.

When her second child was born, Lindsay and her husband had to tackle their daughter's feeding aversion - a traumatic experience for all. Unsatisfied with the doctor's diagnosis and treatment plan, Lindsay looked for more options. She found an expert, who became a mentor and inspired her to start her own business - Nourish Consultancy.

Called by her mission to support mothers in restoring and trusting their true instincts and building the confidence to follow it, Lindsay lands in her purpose.

But it isn’t without worry and doubt. Although Lindsay knows this is the right path for her, she keeps her guard up, worried about what storm might come next. The question is, will she let her guard down enough to fulfil her purpose? Will she embrace her power to be creative agency?

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