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This week, my guest and I navigate what it means to be caught between competing desires for chaos, disruption and challenge and the desire for constant FLOW.

Carlo grew up in Brazil and was blessed with the comforts of living with his close-knit family and friends, excelling in school and landing a solid job (and a job he liked). Life was great, but Carlo felt pulled in the direction of a childhood dream to travel and live overseas.

On a whim, Carlo ditches the planning, simply responds to that pull and finds himself in New Zealand (where he now calls home). Being entirely in unknown and just figuring it out is where Carlo feels the most alive.

His curiosity keeps him searching for more unknowns and eventually he finds yoga. The yogic combination of movement, spirit and personal awareness changed him and opened him up to possibilities in his life. It made him realize that he can be and do so much more than he ever thought.

But those possibilities don't come without roadblocks. Carlo explains that he feels a lack of challenge in his life. He gets caught somewhere between feeling unchallenged (and un-inspired) and over-efforting.

Will Carlo pivot and let go of the things that aren't serving him? Will he shift away from the ego and into the heart? Tune in to find out.

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