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On this episode, my guest found herself caught between the strong-hold of past mistakes, familial expectations and the over-efforting that comes with answering the call and following a vision. Jennifer found herself circling in a whirlpool, yearning to break free and begin to flow with ease and joy.

She was stuck in the story she created about how her past failures impacted her success and her pathway forward. In an effort to prevent future mistakes, she was overtaken by her need to be an expert before launching into the career and life she most wanted.

Jennifer grapples with her conflicting emotions around her passion and her loyalty. She can't see a way to satisfy both. She wants to pursue an alternative vocation but feels it won't meet her family's expectations of success and status. This creates a sense of over efforting as she toggles the two narratives in her mind.

“How do I learn to stop efforting?" - Jennifer 

“There is a distinction, there is the fear-based efforting and then there is the aligned spirit-based efforting. We know that the true spiritual work, that true quest, driving offroad, into the unknown, into the depths of our soul and mind, that takes effort." - Erin 

Jennifer was over-riding her own spiritual guidance and asking the wrong questions, How will I earn enough money? What will people think? A simple, yet challenging shift allowed her to see her past mistakes as gifts, to ask the right questions, to believe in herself and follow her dreams.

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