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On this episode, my guest Shannon shares how she built a story around not being good enough, fuelled by her position as the black sheep of the family. She became committed to her narrative continuously pushing herself to stay small, and humble for fear of coming across as a narcissist. 

This old, out-dated story diminished as she grew and became a business owner, a loving partner and a mother, and yet she realizes she's still carrying around some of the old baggage.

Although Shannon reflected on her past and thought, it shouldn’t have been that way, she realizes that in fact, the struggles she faced have become her superpowers, the very things that have given her the grit to face her vocation head-on. She realizes that she's the one to save the flock. 

Shannon was told she was crazy to consider her business, Anupaya's, 1-pound promise, to clean up 1-pound of waste for every product sold. She also held the belief that business was cut-throat, male-dominated and money-driven. It was entirely her struggles and her grit that kept her going and led to Anupaya’s clean up of 60,000 pounds of garbage and to Shannon creating an honest business founded on the principles she believes in.

As a businesswoman, loving partner, mother, earth lover and free spirit, Shannon navigates the complexity of how to integrate and understand her inner world and the global landscape.

By digging deep with Shannon and encouraging her to find the thing that restores her, she realizes that her power is to be 100% herself.

“What do you need to remember, that you have the power to be?” - Erin

“Myself, I guess, not hiding, not perfect, the idea that I could just be me” - Shannon

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