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The Power To Be Daniela Marquez

Season 2, Episode 14


Meet Daniela Marquez, engineer and charismatic VP who happens to also be an incredibly talented musician and artist. She was a classical pianist by the age of four! And did you know, she composed the music for this podcast? 

Connection and possibility are her natural passion and purpose and it shows in all of her relationships, but in particular with her wife and two beautiful children. 

As this week’s guest, Daniela shares about her passion. She explains that the intersection of two people, or two products from completely different worlds lights her up. In fact, while attending University in Michigan she married her love of technology and music into an engineering degree. 

In high school, after a challenging experience in middle school trying to find her place, Daniela let her guard down and stopped trying to fit in. She turned her focus instead to leaning into her strengths. 

Daniela shares that music is the thing that allowed her to be herself in the most true and authentic way. She naturally invites those around her to find that place for themselves and share it far and wide.

Today, Daniela serves as the Vice President of Product & Growth at Lovingly, helping bring the "in shop" flower buying experience into the online world. She is continually inspired by connecting one person to another through gift giving. 

But whether it’s at work or in her daily life, Daniela believes connection and possibility can come down to one simple thing: two people sharing or celebrating a moment - and she is honoured to play a role in that.

Join me this week, and learn more about Daniela’s Power to Lead.

About Daniela

Daniela Marquez is the Vice President of Product & Growth at Lovingly, helping bring the "in shop" flower buying experience to the online world. She is an eternal problem solver, with competitive fire. Always at her core, she loves how technology and passion amplify the opportunity for relationships to be built and strengthened. Passionate about music and technology from a young age, she discovered the magic of connecting the two at the University of Michigan, as an Electrical & Sound Engineer.

When not at Lovingly, you may find her carrying her kids on hikes (sometimes at the same time), poring over a crossword with her wife, or playing piano & trombone (mostly not at the same time).


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