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The Power To Be Daniel McCall

Season 2, Episode 20


Meet Daniel McCall, a coach and consultant, entrepreneur, yogi and futurist. Daniel works and coaches at the intersection of ‍Creativity, Productivity and Spirit. He eloquently weaves his knowledge as a Lightyear Leadership Coach and Geotran, a numeric-geometrical dialect which speaks directly to the body's information fields (memory fields) into his work and life. 

He is an absolute joy to be around and a ton of fun to collaborate with on any project.

As this week’s guest, Daniel shares what it was like to say goodbye to a 14-year career as a yoga studio manager. When the pandemic hit the large scale yoga company closed and he chose to adapt quickly forming a new path for himself. Rather than linger in the void he got productive! 

He shares the vital role that good communication, both internally and externally, plays in setting the stage for creativity and productivity.

Internally, it is about knowing your own voice. He shares that how you communicate in your inner world has a huge impact on your outer world. For instance, if you are speaking from a place of doubt, it will not breed creativity or productivity. 

Externally, it is sharing your true and authentic voice and feelings. Whether it be at work or with friends and family, Daniel explains how good listening creates the space for a deeper level of sharing and connection. People need to feel seen and heard deeply before creativity or productivity can happen. 

In the realm of productivity, Daniel explains that many think systems and tools are needed but rather, productivity starts with knowing what you love doing and what you want to spend your time doing. One of his tips is to journal and commit to self-study to understand what creates flow.

Daniel shares how many solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses come so close to the finish line and collapse because they get lost in the details and forget their bigger WHY. Coaching them to a place of clarity around their WHY helps them charge past the finish line with ease, flow and enthusiasm. 

During this cheerful and informative conversation, Daniel reminds us of how knowing your inner voice helps you understand what you love to do and WHY versus what you are doing out of obligation. He reminds us to check in with our energy daily and not let the small daily tasks (like the dishes) bring us down. He urges us to welcome and embrace change, challenging the status quo and opening ourselves up to new possibilities.

Today, you’ll find Daniel coaching and consulting through his business www.danielmccall.co as well as leading courses through Lightyear Leadership. To learn more about what he’s up to, catch him on Twitter or sign-up for his Tuesday take-off newsletter on his website. Enjoy a weekly dose of energy and inspiration right in your inbox!

Join me this week, and learn more about Daniel’s Power to Lead.

About Daniel

Daniel Patrick McCall has been helping people start amazing projects and finish strong since 2006. He is a coach and consultant for solo entrepreneurs and small team businesses and is a Certified Senior Lightyear Leadership Coach.

Daniel leads at the intersection of Creativity, Productivity, and Spirit. He helps people get organized, bring their projects to life, and get them unstuck when things go wonky.


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