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This week's podcast guest is a naturally optimistic, kind and generous soul. Well raised with a deep love of family, he is a gem to talk to. 

I was so grateful that he let me hear his darker thoughts and admit his feelings of fulfilment. 

“Unfulfillment...that is a word hits home at the moment...I relate to that so heavily. I live in this incredible place, I get to snowboard, I get to bike in the summer, it’s so beautiful here, I can surf, I can do everything, yet there's still that unfulfillment, that it’s not quite right” - Alex

Knowing that he has so much abundance around him still doesn't help him tap into his true power.

Entrepreneurship, creativity, artistry and self-expression all call on Alex. He comes to realize that in order to be fulfilled he’ll have to let go of the fears, worries and assumptions he’s placed on what could happen or what others will think if he launches into the life he really desires.

He realizes that the assumptions he’s living by could all be wrong. And when he allows himself to be wrong it opens up his whole life.

By shifting into his spirit, and listening from within versus from outside, Alex can see that the real magic is in his power to be FREE.

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