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This week, my guest Kerri navigates how to find the balance between being a great mother, wife and business owner while showing up for herself and her own fulfilment.

So we jumped into the thoughts, beliefs and energy she is carrying from her past and her upbringing that are generating limitations in her life.

We talked through beliefs she holds around commitment, responsibility and financial security and how each area feels out of her realm of choice.

She begins to hold on tighter and tighter, causing her to put her dreams on pause. Can you relate? 

“It’s an over-responsibility for the fulfilment of others while completely ignoring the fulfilment of you” - Erin

It's inspiring to witness Kerri as she turns inward and recognizes that she is an explorer with incredible curiosity, that she loves to travel and discover new things, and most importantly that she is FREE and FUN.

Being caught up in the responsibilities of life caused Kerri to lose sight of this and live in a transactional way (when I achieve this, I’ll do that). By shifting perspectives, she realizes that she can be all of those things, now.

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